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Concept Portfolio

Snacks/ Appetizers Deli Beef Bites  
  Rueben Bites A hearty rye coating surrounds chopped or shredded seasoned corned beef blended with Swiss cheese, chopped Sauerkraut and a hint of Thousand Island dressing.
  Pastrami Bites A toasted onion or poppy seed coating complements chopped or shredded pastrami or ground beef with pastrami seasoning, blended with a spicy mustard flavor.
  Philly Cheesesteak Bites A Japanese bread crumb coating adds crunch to the chopped or shredded roast beef inside, blended with an onion and cheese mixture.
  Ethnic Minis  
  Mini Beef Tamale Shredded or ground beef is blended with tamale seasoning or sauce, Jalisco cheese and masa, then coated with additional white or yellow masa.
  Szechwan Beef & Broccoli Bites This highly popular dish is downsized into small beef chunks blended with broccoli bits and a spicy Szechwan sauce, then wrapped in a wonton skin or rice coating.
  Mini Chimi's  Tortilla or tortilla crumb coating surrounds tender, shredded beef blended with onion, cheeses, beans and Southwest seasonings.
  Mini Classics  
  Meatloaf Nuggets Seasoned ground beef is glazed with gravy, ketchup or other sauces, and surrounded with a bread crumb or potato coating for crunch and texture.
  Mini Sloppy Joe's A Wonder Bread or potato coating envelops ground beef blended with traditional Sloppy Joe mix, creating a mouth-watering sandwich filling in a round bun shape.
  Pulled Beef BBQ Bites Cornbread coating lends a distinctive flavor to this combination of shredded beef blended with tangy barbecue sauce.
  Mini Beef Cristo Tender beef slices are blended with bacon bits, ham and Swiss cheese, then battered to achieve a golden “grilled” appearance, and presented as a mini sandwich.
  Beefalo Wings A new twist on the old favorite with beef replacing the chicken. Tender chunks of steak are crisp-cooked and each piece is coated with spicy sauce. Available in the freezer section.
  Pasta Shells Ever-popular portabella mushrooms are blended with sliced cooked beef in Marsala wine sauce and stuffed into small pasta shells.  The shells are coated with a blend of polenta and crunchy Japanese bread crumbs.
  Buffalo Beef “Wings” These “wings” are modeled after the famous chicken wings, boneless of course.  They’re similar in size and weight and have the same great coating.  Now your menu can offer a choice of wings, and a welcome alternative to appeal to beef lovers.  Available ready to cook or fully cooked.
  Onion Bowls: Shredded beef chili seasoned with cheese, beans and mushrooms is piled into a hollowed-out onion half, then dusted with a yellow corn crumb coating.
Salad Salad Adder Strips Fully cooked strips of tender beef are individually frozen and come in a resealable bag. Just defrost and use as is on top of your salad, or chop into bite size pieces if you prefer. Sold in the freezer section alongside fully cooked chicken breast strips.
Main Meals for Consumers Beef Tenders Small beef portions that make it easy to vary the serving size for the occasion at hand. The 3-ounce strips of tender beef are gently pre-cooked and individually flash frozen. Heat a few for sandwiches, salads or snacks. Or use as a quick entrée so each family member can enjoy as many Beef Tenders as they want. Sold in the freezer section alongside fully cooked chicken breast.
  Ready Grill'd Steak A line of high quality, pre-cooked steaks that have been grilled to perfection for that great flavor and aroma any time. They're cooked by Master Grillers over a mesquite wood fire, then flash frozen and flavor sealed, capturing the very best of grilled steak. Look for new Ready Grill’d Steak in the freezer section with the frozen meats.
  Flash-in-the-Pan Steaks Introducing a new & easy cut of beef that can replace chicken in a variety of meals & snacks. That’s because it’s quality beef that’s thinly fileted [about ¼-inch thick] so it cooks quickly. The flavor & shape are perfect for stacking on sandwiches & crackers, rolling in tortillas & around cheese, layering in casseroles, and stuffing into pitas. Look for new Flash-in-the-Pan Steaks in the fresh meat section.
  Boneless Beef Filet The Boneless Beef Filet is a thin, lean and tender beef chuck cut that offers the convenience and versatility of a boneless, skinless chicken breast along with the unbeatable taste of steak. Available in 3 to 6 oz portions that have been marinated to ensure juiciness and tenderness. Sold either fresh or frozen.
Beef Ingredients Crispy Shredded Beef Introducing Crispy Shredded Beef, another convenient way to add beef flavor to a variety of dishes that will become new favorites. That’s because tender, slow-cooked beef is pulled into shreds and fried crisp on the outside.  Sold in a resealable pouch, use as much as you want to top soups, salads, pizza and side dishes.
  Beef Croutons Introducing Beef Croutons, a nutritious option for adding hearty flavor and crispness to salads. The bite-size nuggets of cooked beef are packed with protein.  Available in a variety of flavors like original grill, garlic and herb, bacon and cheddar or ranch.
Beef Ingredients for Foodservice Crispy Beef Shreds Tender, slow-cooked beef is pulled into shreds and fried to a crisp on the outside.  With a wide variety of applications, including topping soups, salads, pizzas and side dishes, they add crunch, flavor and protein.  They’re an easy way to add a new twist to a wide variety of menu items. Sold in a bulk package, it’s easy to portion as desired.
  Beef Sheets Thin, pliable sheets of beef are a unique and versatile way to add beef to all parts of the menu.  They cook up tender and can be layered like a lasagna noodle, wrapped like a tortilla or stuffed like a ravioli.  Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they’re easy to use and cook quickly to add great beef flavor and protein -and replace carbohydrates - in many applications.
  Heat & Serve Grilled Steaks, Medallions and Strips A line of pre-grilled steaks and steak strips with the juicy flavor and eye appeal of grilled steak. They’ve already been cooked on the grill so you just heat and serve. Products include a variety of steak and strip sizes for numerous applications and provide great flavor and consistency.
Kids Burger Bites Mini hamburgers with a crispy coating instead of a bun. About the size of a chicken nugget.
  Popcorn Beef Steak pieces in a crispy coating to pop in your mouth.
  Steak in a Blanket Strips of grilled steak baked into a biscuit. Served with dipping sauces.
  Steak ‘n’ Potato Nuggets Grilled steak inside cheddar mashed potatoes with a crunchy coating. Served with dipping sauces.
  Taco On A Stick Ground beef and taco seasonings wrapped in a crunchy corn coating, on a stick. Dip in your favorite sauces.
  Steak Shapes Small steaks in the shape of stars, hearts and dinosaurs.
  Beef-filled Crustless Sandwiches Cheesy ground beef inside a white or wheat bread pocket.

Steak & Rice Bowls
Steak bowls with flavors from around the world.  Asian seasoned steak with rice in an Oriental sauce, served in a bowl over broccoli and brown rice.

Small Meatballs
Ten, bite-sized, lightly seasoned beef meatballs in a small cup that you eat with your fingers.  Great for dipping into your favorite sauces.

Sloppy Joe Nacho Kit
The Sloppy Joe Nacho Kit provides food and fun.  Drizzle melted cheese over colorful tortilla chips, then dip into the ground beef Sloppy Joe mixture, which is contained in a separte section of the package.

Meatball Tower of Power
Three great tastes come together on this stick.  Ground beef meatballs on a stick with alternating tater tots and lightly breaded mini-mozarrella cheese balls.

Beef Wontons
Soft, bite-sized wonton dumplings are filled with moist, finely shredded beef.

Dunkin Dumplings
Half-moon shaped biscuits filled with seasoned beef and potatoes.  Perfect for picking-up with your fingers and dunking into your favorite sauce.

Steak Sandwiches
Juicy steak with a melted slice of cheese placed on a fresh bun in fun shapes like dinosaurs, bears, stars and hearts.

Double Dunks
Beef meatballs that you can dip into your favorite souce, then dip into a crunchy coating.

All-Beef Corn Dog Dipper
Bite-sized all beef corn dog nuggets are dipped in corn batter and fried to perfection.  Fun to dip in your favorite sauces like ketchup, mustard or cheese.

No Mess Taco
Mini-sized tacos made from outer shell that fully encloses a filling of ground beef, taco seasoning and melted cheese.

Beef Toppers
Single serving of Sloppy Joe ground beef filling that you can pour onto a bun for a sandwich.

Hand Held
Beef Sausage
A more sophisticated dinner sausage for on the go eating.  Now you can have the convenience of sausage and an elegant eating experience with the new gourmet beef sausages - including flavors such as broccoli and bleu cheese, chili cheese and tomato basil with fontina cheese.

Pick Me Ups
An easy way to pick up delicious beef and take it with you.  Now you can take perfectly grilled strips of beef to enjoy on the run, with three sticks served in a cup that's easy to hold or fit into cup holders.

Combo Cup
A well-balanced "three-in-one" snack that travels well.  Now you can get your meat, vegetable and whole grain in one easy package with no preparation and maximum portability using a specially designed, resealable cup with three compartments for mini-meatballs, carrot or celery sticks and crackers or pretzels.

Beef Cubes
A portable version of the deli beef that quickly satisfied your beef craving.  Now you can enjoy tender, chunks of your favorite deli beef in a portable, bite-size snack form that eliminates the need for bread - cooker roast beef, corned beef or pastromi cut into cubes and packaged in a resealable cup.

Zip Packs
A beef snack pack that delivers great beef flavor and a healthy portion of nutrients.  Now you can enjoy a healthy snack anytime, anywhere, while getting the benefits of protein and essential minerals, with bite-size chunks of beef that are slightly dried, so they're hearty, yet still tender and full of beef flavor.

Beef Sticks
A crunchy twist on beef that makes eating on the go special.  Now you can enjoy wonton-wrapped beef for an Asian snack that is dip-able and portable - complimented by dipping sauces such as hot mustard, wasabi cream or sweet and sour.

Stuffed Pretzel
Now pretzel lovers have a hearty new snack to love.  Introducing stuffed soft pretzel bites with great savory beef fillings inside.  A heat and eat soft pretzel roll surrounds popular beef sandwhich fillings such as cheeseburger (ground beef and cheese), Sloppy Joe or Philly Cheese Steak.

Mini Meatballs
Mini meatballs that let you bring comfort food with you.  Now snacking can be more hearty and flavorful, with meatballs that can be eaten one-handed.  You can take them anywhere, packed fresh in a microwaveable crush-proof tube that lets you "pour" them in your mouth, one at a time.

Popcorn Jerky
Now there's a new breaded beef jerky snack that has more nutritional appeal and is ready to be eaten whenever.  The small chunks of beef jerky are tender, not chewy, and have a crisp, fiber-rich multigrain coating for a well-balanced snack.

Enclosed Mini Burgers
Finally, a burger that won't fall apart.   Bakery bun completely surrounds  ground beef, ketchup and cheddar cheese for mess-free eating.

Beef Empanadas
Traditional corn dough empanada is filled with mini-meatballs, melted mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce.

Beef Bao
Traditional Asian food that's perfect for on the go.  Steamed bun is filled with beef and vegetable fillings that is easy to carry.  Ground beef and vegetables are lightly seasoned with Teriyaki sauce.

Beef Clusters
Get your meat and vegetables in the same bite.  Small clusters of ground beef, corn and onion are covered in a crispy coating and baked.

Cheeseburger On A Stick
A "sausage" shaped, ground beef burger with melted cheese is encased in a bun and served on a stick.  Just dip in condiments like ketchup or mustard and take a bite.

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