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The Need for Speed, and Ease

Insight: For a product to compete in today’s marketplace it has to be convenient. How do consumers define convenience? Research now shows that moms want dinner on the table in 15 minutes. Products that provide shortcuts to help cut prep time, or cook time, are greeted enthusiastically by time-starved consumers. And what about foodservice kitchens? Operators are more willing to accept prepared items today than they were five years ago because they have seen quality improve. The have weighed the higher product costs against the labor savings and they see the value.

“Keep it simple”. That has been a recurring theme with consumers we’ve talked to. Some consumers can be intimidated by cooking, and when it comes to beef, they know ground beef and steak, but may need assistance recognizing other cuts.

Ideas: The new products team conducts periodic brainstorming sessions and the need for convenience is the foundation for many ideas:

Retail Concepts

Foodservice Concepts * already in market

Source: Checkoff Funded Consumer Ethnographies, Operator Focus Groups, Concept Development, Qualitative Testing and Sensory Testing
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