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The Denver Steak

The Denver Steak is another hidden gem uncovered as a result of the checkoff-funded muscle profiling project, which has revealed several other undervalued beef cuts including the Petite Tender, the Ranch Steak and the ever popular Flat Iron Steak.  These under-utilized beef muscles are being marketed for their exceptional attributes which enhance the eating experience.  The Denver Steak, found in the Chuck Roll, is no exception.  Being cut from the fourth most tender muscle in the carcass, it is generously marbled, juicy and tender.  It offers great beef flavor and versatility.  The Denver Steak provides consistent, reliable results whether served as a center-of-the-plate entree, sliced into strips for a savory stir-fry or cut into cubes for kabobs.

In-home consumer research compared the Denver Steak on the same attributes previously used to test the initial beef value cuts.  The overall rating for the Denver Cut exceeded the 2001 testing scores for the Flat Iron Steak, with high ratings on the most important product attributes – appearance, taste, flavor, juiciness and ease of preparation.  Participating consumers indicated a high purchase intent at both retail and family-style restaurants.

The superb qualities of the Denver Steak have not gone unnoticed.  This summer, the Colorado Black-eyed Pea Restaurants introduced the Denver Steak on their menus.  Paired with a skewer of shrimp, the Denver Steak is offered char-broiled to order and topped with scallion butter.  The Colorado Beef Council sponsored a wait staff promotion, awarding monetary prizes to servers selling the most Denver Steak entrees.  Now several other foodservice operators are considering the Denver Cut on their menus.

For more information on the Denver Steak, download the cutting guide, application guide and sell sheet from the Beef Innovations Group. To have the Denver Cut placed on your menu, contact Jim Ethridge, Director, New Product Industry Partnerships, at .
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