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The Beef Innovations Group consists of an impressive line-up of industry experts, pulled from the corporate and academic worlds in the following disciplines:

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Get Your Product Ideas Cooking

The Beef Innovations Group is equipped to work one-on-one with any packer, processor or manufacturer who is actively developing or refining beef and veal products that have the potential to increase demand for beef.  We also help retailers and foodservice operators who want to adopt new beef products in order to improve beef sales and better meet customer needs. There are many ways to work with our team, and services range from information sharing and marketing expertise to hands-on, in-operation technical or production assistance.  We can look at products from every angle—from conception to point of sale—looking for ways to optimize its potential. Companies who tap into our resources bring their toughest challenges, or lean on us for expertise they don’t have in-house.

Our Mission

We will inspire beef product innovation and facilitate success by bringing information, insight, ideas, science and tools to industry influencers and stakeholders.


Scope of Services:

Science & Technology

The Culinary Center

Ideas - Strong ideas provide a strong foundation for
success.  We can help create or optimize ideas in a variety of ways:

Concept generation
  • Brainstorming
  • Trend spotting
  • Consumer insight
  • Operator insight
  • Our concept portfolio
Concept development
  • Consumer and operator needs
  • Form, flavor, storage, packaging, branding, positioning, pricing
  • Concept testing
Insight -Finding the road to success for new, and even existing products, is much easier when information and insight can help steer the course. The Beef Innovations Group is a great resource for information and insight.

Market knowledge and strategy
  • Industry information, market dynamics
Consumer testing
  • Consumer and operator trend information
  • Beef consumption, usage, perceptions
Science & Technology - With any new product there are so many factors that influence the quality and performance that is experienced by the end user.  The Beef Innovations Group can help you navigate through the complexities of beef selection, cooking, flavoring and more.

Product development
  • Formulation
  • Raw material selection
  • Process specifications
  • Flavor profiles
  • Prototype development
  • Packaging
  • Cooking/heating methods
Technical services
  • Raw material fabrication and portioning
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Shelf life testing
The Culinary Center - The Beef and Veal Culinary Center, funded by America’s Beef Producers, was created to help maximize the appeal of beef and veal products.

Beef Safety - Click here to find the latest beef safety information.

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