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Beef Value Cuts. Lean...Tender...Moderately priced...Grillable...Easy to prepare...Versatile...Nutritious!

Beef Value-Added Cuts are a recently developed line of beef cuts taken from the underutilized chuck and round. The line consists of steaks and roasts that help meat processors, manufacturers, retailers, foodservice operators and cattle producers improve overall profitability while supplying more options to their customers. They allow consumers to enjoy more great tasting steaks and roasts that are easy to prepare and often moderately priced.

These new cuts resulted from new cutting techniques brought to light by the beef industry‘s Muscle Profiling Study. Several of these cuts have grown in popularity and are now being manufactured throughout the U.S. and sold through retail and foodservice outlets.

The Beef Innovations Group has considerable experience working with these cuts from processing to end use application and has a great deal of information to share. If you have any questions or requests that are not addressed on this web site, please contact us for more information.

From the Knuckle:

The Knuckle is a widely available sub-primal that was often used as low cost steak or rolled roast material, but these cuts did not offer consistent performance. The subprimal consists of two main muscles with different characteristics. The round tip center is the most tender muscle in the Round and is in the top ten for tenderness in the entire carcass. It lends itself well to roasts or steaks. The round tip side yields a good number of steaks that, with marination, are tender and flavorful. Both muscles produce steaks that are lean, tender and easy to prepare. These new cuts are currently offered in retail outlets, performing well when promoted for their leanness.

From the Bottom Round:

The Bottom Round has historically been widely used as economical steaks and roasts, but they weren’t performing optimally. In this case, knife work did not reinvent, but rather enhanced performance. This muscle has three sections with differing levels of tenderness, so understanding the best applications for each section is key. A simple change to the cutting technique for this muscle results in a far superior steak with a great beef flavor. These cuts are currently offered in retail.

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