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Happy Kids, Happy Moms

Insight: Many eating habits and food preferences developed in childhood are carried into adulthood. That’s why the beef industry is focused on doing what it can to make beef a nutritious and steady staple in the diets of today’s children and teens. The beef industry is working hard to develop products that kids will enjoy and that make parents feel good about the nutrition their kids are getting.

Moms have told us they cook meals they know their kids will eat. That means they want foods that offer great taste and are fun for their kids to eat. They have also told us how important it is that meal preparation be quick and easy, and they rely on time-saving ideas like cooking in the crock pot (turn it on and go!) and keeping a full freezer (there’s always something on hand).

And let’s not forget about health. Moms are trying their best to feed nutritious, healthy meals to their families and they have increasing concerns about childhood obesity. A study in the August 2005 Journal of Nutrition found that a diet rich in high-quality protein, coupled with a moderate exercise program helped people improve body composition by losing significantly more fat and maintain more muscle mass. Beef is a nutritious product for growing kids.

Ideas: Many of the product concepts generated by the Beef Innovations Group have kid or mom-appeal, with taste being the number one criteria:

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